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The Need to Humble Women

Some men have this fixation on humbling women. I've seen it way too many times to ignore it. A seemingly basic power struggle issue that has resulted in abuse and suffering of so many women, whether in their personal or professional lives.

These ideas of thinking that its right to shrink women arise from the standard patriarchal sentiments that place men on a higher pedestal just by virtue of their gender. There are men who dislike women for something as human as having high standards. Sometimes it doesn’t always have to be a woman thinking highly of herself, it could just be people around her who recognize and appreciate her potential, either of those outcomes end up irritating some insecure men.

Some males will desire to humble women in positions of authority or women who are beyond their reach, such as rich, educated, successful, or conventionally beautiful. And of course, sex is their most go to weapon against women, because sex, is something inherently embarrassing and demeaning for women, according to typical patriarchal sentiments. They use a woman’s sexual history to devalue her, discredit everything she is and has achieved and even prompt other men to have sex with her.

These men take it upon themselves to degrade such women through different ways like bullying, physical, financial or emotional abuse. All of this is done to remind them that, despite everything else they are, they are still women and, no matter what they do, remain inferior to men.

While humility can be an admirable quality, teaching assertiveness to one section of population and deference to the other, is just a patriarchal ploy which harms women in countless ways- Kripa Krishnan,

Even if they will most likely disagree, most men, including your brothers, husbands, and friends cannot stand having women have any form of authority over them. And it is for this reason that we will continue to fight for equality.

Men and women, boys and girls, regardless of gender, must be given equal opportunities in society. Little boys must be taught that women are just as intelligent as they are, and that women must not shrink themselves to accommodate them. These little boys should be raised differently so that they won’t be intimidated by powerful women and in a way that they won’t feel the need to exert their power on women. As for the little girls, may we keep on teaching them to be confident and never to cower before men. May we always remind them that the world is theirs to rule not surrender.

May women be reminded that men have no right to demand humility from you !

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