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The Queen of Firsts, Hazel Mak

Thanks to the hit single; ‘Liyaya’, which introduced us to the phenomenon that is Hazel Mak. To her fans' relief, she managed to dodge the fate of “one hit wonders” which often befalls most Malawian hit makers. With every song and album release, she continues to remind us why she has her own spot in the Malawian as well the international music industry. From being the first Malawian to win an Africa Music Award to now being the first Malawian to be featured in the Sounds of Africa Music Exhibition. Along with big names in African music, like Angleique, Yemi Alade, and Niniola, Hazel, will feature this year’s Sounds of Africa Music Exhibition under the theme Women in African Music.

Sounds of Africa Music Exhibition is a platform which showcases the richness and uniqueness of African culture expressed in and through music. The exhibition engages different audiences including Africans in the diaspora. Through the exhibition, the audience gets to experience the variety and beauty of African music, through different avenues such as photos, artefacts, interviews, and music itself. The Women in African Music exhibition is unique as it is the first of its kind to use such a platform to celebrate, empower and highlight challenges faced by women in the African music Industry.

This year’s event is different as it is leveraging technology to create a virtual 3D exhibition. The exhibition was officially opened on the 1st of May and it will run up to the 31st of May.

To watch the exhibition, please visit You can also follow the previews and highlights on social media platforms #womeninafricanmusic.

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