The Top 5 Superfoods found in Malawi that you should add to your diet.

If you want to add a fun new ingredient to your diet, you’ll have a tough time beating these nutrient-dense superfoods that you can find locally. Each of the 5 we’ve selected have highly sought-after properties, are flexible, and steeped in Malawian lore.

We’ll give you background information, nutritional content, and how they should be consumed for maximum benefit.

Superfood One: Tamarind aka Bwemba

Tamarind is native to Malawi and it is known for having a sweet and sour flavor that is highly desirable. This superfood is especially helpful when it comes to restoring electrolytes and staving off dehydration, and it is often served to guests who come in from the heat or who are suffering from a hangover.

The easiest way to make a Tamarind drink is to shell the fruits, allow it to steep in water, add a tablespoon of sugar and serve. If you eat the sticky pulp, you’ll get 13% of your daily dietary fiber intake from 100 grams.