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The ‘Unappealing’ Case

As the years go by, women and girls are still subjected to domestic abuse. Unfortunately, men have taken a step lower in their level of cruelty, which has led to a spiral in the cases of children being defiled, trafficked, and even killed.

In 2016, a 16-year-old girl disappeared from her home, for two weeks, at the hands of immigrant: Zaeshan Jaral Raja. Mr Raja abducted the 16-year-old girl and when her parents conducted a search for her in Liwonde Township on the basis of being tipped off, he denied having any connection to the girl. This was obviously a premeditated act for he denied continuously, clearly showing no signs of remorse. Fortunately, the matter was reported to Liwonde Police, who were consistent in searching the home of the criminal. Only after an extensive forage was the inside of a broken deep freezer opened leading to the 16-Year-old girl found and reunited with her family.

Newly promoted High Court Judge, Agnes Patemba while serving as a Chief Resident Magistrate at Zomba registry, convicted and sentenced him to a 16-year jail term for defilement and 8 years for abduction.With all his audacity and courage, Mr Raja appealed to the High Court for a more lenient sentence. Fortunately, Judge Redson Kapindu honored the 16-year-old girl by doubling his sentence to 30 years for defilement, 20 years for abduction and arranged to have Mr Zaeshan Raja deported back to Pakistan after completing all 50 years of his sentence.

This case is made an example of a man who attempted to take advantage of a situation and a family that he had already taken multitudes from. This post serves as a thank you to those who reported the to the family of the young lady when she was spotted, as well as JudgeAgnes Patemba and Judge Redson Kapindu for ensuring that justice was served. The country needs more people who prioritize the rights of our women and girls.

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