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The Uprise of Malawian Female Artists

The time for female artists in Malawi to be recognized has come and although the recognition process is slow, we cannot deny the efforts that are being put forward to make it happen. Lifestyle events has collaborated with several Malawian female creative and has organized a platform for them to be seen and heard. The event boasts an all-female lineup set to take place on the 7th of November 2020 at Story Club Arts Café. This is a great step in acknowledging the multifaceted talents that exist amongst our fellow Malawian women.

The event will have Esther Lewis, Luki, Phindu, Kim of Diamonds, Ray and Theresa performing live with Cynthia Zula has host, a visual arts performance by Deadrose and RJ the DJ.

It is no secret that the talent in Malawi is underrated, there are several barriers that are

present and make it difficult for Malawian content to be presented to on the appropriate platforms. However there has been an increase in the recognition of Malawian artists, particularly male artists, who are supported by a vast array production companies that are recently opening up in the country. The support for female artists, however, is not as prevalent. There a few artists such as Tamanya-Waka who have had the opportunity to reach international recognition and became the first Malawian artist to perform at the international reggae festival Reggae Sunsplash.

Social media is a clear indicator of the amount of support that is given to male artists as compared to their female counterparts. Male artists seem to command more attention when it comes to their releases and receive a more positive reaction pertaining to their craft.

There are a vast array of talented women coming into the industry and their craft deserves to be embraced just as strongly as society embraces male artists. Some individuals have expressed that because of the cultural barriers