Tips on How To Travel Alone, Safely. A Twitter thread by Muthoni Maingi.

Gosh it has been a minute since I did a real solo travel stint. I have really enjoyed this weekend! Some tips:

1. LIE. Always LIE. Are you alone? “No I have a lot of friends and family in town and I am here to visit them.”

2. Never post exactly where you are staying

3. Where is your husband/boyfriend? “He is traveling & was nice enough to let me have a few days off.” Society only respects women married to or dating other men. Back to point one, always lie.

4. Back to point 1 & 3 lie that your boyfriend or husband will be joining you soon

5. Don’t drink or buy mixed drinks. Stick to bottled drinks that you see being opened. That means cocktails are not an option sorry