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To Whoever's Listening podcast. By Wona

1. We’ve been rolling out music for the 16 days of activism, but today we want to take a pause from that. Some weeks ago we put out a call for letters from survivors of gender-based violence. We wanted to share them on our Letters podcast but later decided against that.

2. We decided to create a space specifically for the letters from survivors. The letters are going to be shared on the podcast ‘To Whoever’s Listening’ and this will go beyond the 16 days of activism.

3. The podcast will be a space for anyone to submit stories that they have wanted to share for a while but have not known how to. These will include stories of GBV, mental health and pain. As well as positive stories of celebration and love.

4. Thank you to everyone who was brave enough to share their stories, we know it was not easy to reach out and our goal was to give you a moment of release, and to give anyone who listens to them the feeling that they are not alone in their pain.

5. We will be releasing the letters on the To Whoever’s Listening podcast this week, follow the @towhoeverpod on Twitter for more updates.


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