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Travel Tuesday: Mkulumadzi 🪵🍃

You want to know what perfection personified is? Head to Mkulumadzi for a luxurious getaway with your girls, your significant other or better yet, ON YOUR OWN.

You can use this space to meditate, write, laze around, watch the sunset and just spend time with yourself.

For connoisseurs of wildlife many exciting encounters lie in store, with the chance to view many species including black rhino, leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo, eland, kudu, sable, suni, klipspringer, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest and zebra.

The lodge has eight chalets, each with spacious living quarters and private viewing deck. Guests can swim, dine under the stars, experience game drives and walking safaris, and even sleep under the stars on due to their new star-deck.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime and visit Mkulumadzi 🍃🌾🪵

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