Tubers Tribute Thursday’s 🥂

Tubers Tribute Thursday’s 🥂

Meet @taweniii ✨

Taweni’s channel has a multitude of themes, ranging from life reviews to trendy challenges. Her channel aims to give something to everybody, whether you need a talk, a laugh or cry (and Lord knows we could all use a good cry right about now), Weni’s gotchu.

Especially for our younger followers, @taweniii has got fresh uni content on the way, so make sure to stay tuned for that 😉

If you’re looking for a tube that will match your mood, @taweniii is the girl for you.

Subscribe to her channel by clicking the link in her Instagram bio x

Here’s to you, Queen Taweni ❤️✨

(Instagram handle: @taweniii)

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