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Tubers Tribute Thursday’s: Donella Leanne 🥂

Tubers Tribute Thursday’s

Meet: @donella_xox 🥂

Donella’s channel is an expression of who she is. It encompasses most of what she does during her free time such as art, vlogs/lifestyle along with the beauty aspect and she throws in some clothing hauls too, for you fashionistas.

She also shares experiences that she has been through as storytimes to teach lessons but most importantly for entertainment. So basically she’s got the tea, honey 😅

She tries to be as authentic as possible while creating relatable content. If you think this was all, she also has a hair page @nella_hair_ where she customizes and braids hair. What can’t she do at this point?

We are certain you will fall in love with her channel because her vibe is naturally contagious. ✨

Follow @donella_xox and subscribe to her channel for an all round experience.

Here’s to you, Queen @donella_xox 👸🏾❤️✨

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