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Tubers Tribute Thursday’s: Madeline Potani 🥂

Meet: @maddie_potani

Madelines’s channel is everything your soul needs. It’s stemmed on living your truth unapologetically and not only showing the good parts of your life.

She embarked on this project a couple of years ago after starting her self discovery journey, posting quite consistently, but took a break to completely find herself, for herself. She didn’t want to pretend to be something she wasn’t.

@maddie_potani emphasizes on the beauty in the network you can build just by being the truest version of yourself, on the internet. We live in a world full of facades and Maddie chooses to be the change she wants to see.

Maddie makes relatable content for people who are trying to be the best version of themselves. People who can accept that life isn’t peachy every single day. She wants to be relatable to what people are really struggling with in their everyday life; mental health, body positivity and more.

“A problem shared, is a problem half solved” is what she lives by. Acting like everything is okay only breeds and perpetuates misery.

“If I was to say what my channel is about, it’s living your truth unapologetically and extending grace to yourself and in that, learning to extend grace to others; because we are all fighting silent battles. The least that we could do is be kind to each other.”

If you’re soul searching or you feel like you’re battling demons alone, I can guarantee you that you aren’t. Follow @maddie_potani and subscribe to her channel to have someone hold your hand, every step of the way.

No one is perfect, but you can be the realest and best version of yourself and that’s sort of the same thing.

Here’s to you, Queen Madeline 👸🏾❤️✨

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