Tusaiwe ; A Girl With a Big Dream

While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a reel featuring a young woman. It piqued my interest because this young lady claimed to have 34 children at the age of 23! Isn't it amazing? Believe it or not, this young lady is indeed a mother of 34 children.

I later learnt that this young woman is Tusayiwe Mkhondya, a young woman in the rural Malawi who opened her home to orphans, street kids, teen mothers and other abandoned children. She is the definition of how one can turn their misfortune into a blessing. When she was just a baby, her mother abandoned her and her father was never in the picture, she was later taken in by her grandmother who later died.

At just 18, she became a single mother with nowhere else to go. Not allowing her misfortune to define her, she realized that there were many abandoned children and young mothers like her who needed someone to hold their hand. This circumstance inspired her to start an organization which she calls You Are Not Alone (YANA).

I was excited to read the news that this young woman has raised 40 million on a GoFundMe for the orphans within a month of it just being online. The GoFundMe me page exceeded its target by a milestone and different individuals all over the world are still doing donations. . The funds were raised to help her buy land for the organization. She currently updated that she has managed to buy 6 hectares of land and the remaining amount will be used for the next phase which is the building of YANA village.

A lot of people all over the world are intrigued and fascinated by this young woman who decided to dedicate her life by taking care of abandoned children. This young woman is doing a lot that cannot be contained in just one writing.

You can support her by donating through her GofundMe, You can also follow her on her social media accounts, Tiktok @tusaiweyana, and Tusaiwe Yana on Facebook to keep up with her latest updates.

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