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Up, up and away we ‘Girl’

Girl up is a campaign that aims to empower young girls in developing countries to be leaders. Although stemmed in ensuring that girls and women are healthy and educated, their power and influence extends to a plethora of communities and changes various lives. The Girl Up campaign executes this through organizing donations, holding leadership summits, educative talks with various communities, occasional self-defense classes, and workshops, to name a few.

In 2020, Girl Up decided to participate in the 16 Days Against Gender Based Violence by conducting three events. The first of these events was a talk on Times TV by esteemed member, Atupele Madula, held on the 16th of November. In this Peer Chat, Ms Madulaaddressed both the psychological and emotional impacts of Gender Based Violence (GBV), which we know could get excruciatingly detrimental if not spoken of. The second event occurred on the 5th of December, where Girl Up held a financial literacy workshop, having Mrs Della Kulemeka of Workforce Recruitment Services as the guest speaker. This workshop was held in order to reiterate and emphasize the importance of being financially literate in order to evade the financial alongside other vulnerabilities that occur as a result of Gender Based Violence. Finally, on the 14th of December, the country was taken aback by Girl Up for being the first to administer a self-defense workshop and consent class in partnership with John Fire Music. This not only attracted a lot of attention, it further empowered women and girls on a larger scale. The classes included various age groups, ranging from lower than 12 years to higher than 25. Those of younger age are particularly significant because they were able to educate children about consent and how to protect themselves from a young age. Although they may be young, it has not made them immune to the plague that is GVB. Astonishingly, we have seen that the magnificence of Girl Up does not cease here.

Even whilst in a pandemic, on the 2nd of February2021, the female dominated campaign made the selfless decision to distribute more than 400 meals to patients, their guardians and our brave COVID-19 front liners who are fighting for our lives as well as theirs. The food was donated by Malawi’s Deputy Minister of Lands; Mrs Abida Mia for the Food Frontlinersinitiative founded by Mrs Della Kulemeka of Workforce Recruitment Services Malawi.

For their bravery, selflessness and most importantly, girl power, we applaud the Girl Up campaign for all that it is, does, and is yet to become.

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