Victim or Survivor. A Twitter thread by Ashleigh J Mills

“You’re not a victim, you’re a survivor.”

Can be a very damaging rhetoric for abused people who 1) are not yet at the stage of their healing journey where they can claim they’ve survived it

+ 2) don’t want to shift the framework of enduring abuse to one of survival.

For me, I know I wasn’t ready to take on survivor language when I was still being actively traumatised. CPTSD really messes with that, because so many situations were normalised to me.

I operated on a blanket of forgiveness - nobody ever *really* meant to harm me + any negative feelings were a product of my unforgiving spirit. So, the people who harmed me were forgiven instantly.= a plethora of weird disjointed feelings that I didn’t know what to do with. Mostly the guilt of them made me try “help” those who harmed me as enthusiastically as possible.