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Who Will Protect Our Girls ?

There is really no foolproof way of keeping male predators away from our little girls and young women. It is shameful that our society has accepted older men preying on younger women as normal. We stand by while these men take advantage of young women without any remorse or repercussion. Its not shocking that by the end of the day, it is young women who get blamed for not knowing better. People tend to forget that these young women are victims.

Most people tend to wash their hands of the situation where old men engage in transactional relationships with young women, especially when the young woman in question appears to be financially benefiting from this "relationship." People tend to overlook the fact that occasionally victims of abuse may not even be aware that they are being exploited or abused. We also must not forget that that people of all ages can be groomed( grooming, described as a manipulative technique used by a sexual or other predator to gain the trust of a target before actually victimizing them). The fact that victims do not always perceive themselves as victims does not negate the fact that they are.

Just last week, it was revealed that a 17-year-old girl is in a relationship with an influential official in the private sector. The only news you will see about this on social media is only about the young woman asking the government and other welfare agencies not to interfere in her personal business ; there is no news condemning this or action taken against this old man.

We can't just stand by and watch as our young ladies are preyed upon; just because they can't protect themselves, or don't want our protection doesn't mean we should just stand back and watch. We can all agree that young women engage in such transactional relationships out of necessity rather than choice. These men only have access to these young ladies because they give what these girls lack: financial assistance.

Condemning this unhealthy behavior is the first step toward eliminating it. We must call out these predators. And we must not stop there; they must also be brought to justice.

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