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Why We Should Support Female Artists

Let us be real. In the music industry, men and women are supported differently. Female artists are supported less than male artists. If, for instance, you have been asked today to mention at least ten famous female artists from this country, I believe you will have trouble remembering some. Female artists are routinely left out, for example; gender stereotypes. Like in other fields, gender stereotypes can limit the opportunities available to female musicians. For instance, there is a stereotype that women are less skilled at playing certain instruments or genres of music, which can result in female musicians being overlooked or undervalued.

Providing support for female artists, promoting their success, and expanding their exposure to a broader audience would enable their artwork and ideas to reach a large portion of the population. This would render the myth that there are only a handful of great female artists obsolete.

Support is everything. It is high time we boosted our support for them to start receiving the fame and recognition they deserve through their hard work . There are times whereby men are shy to cheer for their favorite female musicians while performing. There is no need to feel ashamed; instead, step forward and assist in raising the profile of these individuals. Furthermore, purchase their music and demand for more of their work especially when there is a delay in releasing tracks.

However, I must admit that I am happy to see how many female artists, such as Temwa and Kim of Diamonds, are working hard despite receiving varying levels of support. This is what all female artists need to keep their morale high.

Therefore, I am urging you, dear reader, to support our talented female artists in all ways; financially, psychologically, just to mention a few.

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