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WINTER IS…… practically here

Updated: May 8, 2021

May is finally here and this year, it has come with a reminder about the winter that is rapidly approaching. How many of you are excited? Not many I guess, but who can blame you. The cold weather can be unbearable, but we cannot do anything apart from making the best out of it and adapting. Here are 5 reminders to keep in mind as we enter the new season.

Drink your water. Contrary to common belief, dehydration can get worse during the cold weather. Just because you do not feel as thirsty in cold weather and because you don’t sweat as much, you might be fooled that you are properly hydrated when it is contrary to it. To make it worse, you might even find it very hard to drink water, since all you want to do is keep yourself warm. So warm drinks like coffee and tea always better seem like better options but be reminded to have a bottle of water nearby.

Wrap up warm. Always dress in warm clothes especially when going outdoors. Children may play outside despite the harsh weather conditions and be stubborn to stay indoors. Therefore, ensure that when they are playing outside, they must be dressed in warm clothes to prevent hypothermia. This also applies to adults living in countries prone to snow and those who suffer from respiratory diseases.

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For workout fanatics. You can still achieve your fitness goals in cold season unless you have underlying medical conditions which might prevent you from working out in the cold. As the mornings get colder, leaving the bed for the gym or roadwork might be quite a hassle. As you go out, don’t forget to wear an extra layer of warm jogging clothes. You may also consider changing your routines from mornings to the afternoon as it usually gets warmer during the day. If you go for runs, find alternative cardio exercises or use a treadmill instead.

Safety in winter. Deaths due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning are very common in winter. Most of households in the country don’t have heating systems, as such they opt for a Mbaula(charcoal Burner) to heat their homes. During the very cold nights, it is very tempting to sleep right next to a Mbaula to keep warm during the night. Safety measures must be observed by making sure your rooms are well ventilated and the charcoal is fully burnt out before taking the Mbaula inside. Furthermore, be sure to not fall asleep with the Mbaula in the house for it could cause a fire.

Remember, you as you prepare for the next season, you can also help other people prepare by making winter clothes donations. You can offer a helping hand to other people by donating those winter coats and blankets which you no longer wear but are in good enough condition. You can donate through the local churches as well as charity organizations such as DAPP.

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