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Woman Up (Have A Career)

Have you ever heard of the term career woman? Well, it is used to describe a woman whose main goal in life is to create a career for herself. In today's world, having a career is not only beneficial to a woman but also to society. I want to break down the benefits of having a career through research and experience of-course; and concurrently encouraging those who do not have one yet, to consider doing so before it is too late.

A career does not necessarily imply a white collar job; rather, it can be about creating something of your own or pursuing a unique professional path. This may include, your own business, either a salon or restaurant, being an author, an artist, a fashion designer and many more. What matters most is the passion one has.

Having a career empowers women economically, allowing them to pursue their interests, create a fulfilling life for themselves, and experience a sense of accomplishment that enhances their self-worth and personal identity.

A career woman is empowered and respected. When you have something to do, you can use your career to address issues that females face but are afraid to talk about, for instance, rape. In short, having a career acts as an advocate for women's empowerment.

Furthermore, it makes you a role model, both at home and in society. Your children may follow your path, and leaders may use you to inspire others.

If you have a career, use it to reach out to others. For example, a female musician may create music for self-expression, while a female author may write self-help books to empower women. If you're uncertain about your career path, stay tuned for my future article on tips for choosing a career.

To conclude, your worth still is not determined by having a career or not. Just keep in mind that the little things we do in our community might inspire, empower or contribute in one way or the other.

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