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Updated: May 11, 2021

(Hon)Martha Chizuma

When she first stepped in as the Ombudsman in 2015, as a country we did not pay her any attention as we had gotten accustomed to being let down by those in power. Little did we know that with her appointment, Malawi would undergo a full cleanse. Ever since Martha Chizuma became the Ombudsman, she has been living up to the definition of the title and wears the “public protector” badge with honor.

She has selflessly served and guarded the interests of the local Malawians with an iron fist. Through the various investigations carried out by her office, she has managed to uncover, report, and correct many malpractices in different public offices. For example: released reports on Tractor gate in 2019, misuse of Covid-19 response funds in 2020. By doing what is intended of her, she has awaked the hope for justice which had died down.

Martha Chizuma is set to become the next Anticorruption Bureau (ACB) Director General when her appointment gets confirmed by the Parliamentary Public Appointments Committee. She will become the first female to head the ACB. (Nation online, 2021).

She was only 36 years old when she became the Ombudsman. She was the youngest and the second woman to hold office. (Nyasatimes, 2019).

(Hon) Anabel Mtalimanja

High court judge Anabel Mtalimanja made the news last week when she increased a custodial sentence for a man convicted of defilement, from 11 years to 45 years imprisonment with hard labor. (Times News, 2021).

With the rapid increase in rape and defilement cases since 2019, such stiff punishments are what we have been hoping for and we believe this will send out a strong message to rape and defilement perpetrators.

Judge Anabel Mtalimanja has been working as a judge at The High Court from July 2013 to present and has been beyond consistent and competent

Joyce Mvula.

The moment she first stepped on the pitch as a Blue Eagles’ Netball club shooter, she quickly marked her territory as one of the best shooters to ever play on the pitch. Over the years she has continued to defend her crown as one of the most skilled and fierce netballers. On every pitch she plays on, she is easily recognized for her goal shooting accuracy, speed and strength. She plays for the Queens- the Malawi national netball team- and The Manchester Thunder club in England.

She was Named player of the match in The England’s Vitality Netball Super League of February (

In 2017, she became the first Malawian professional netball player to play in a United Kingdom first league team (Leyman Publications, 2017)

She is a Police Constable in the Malawian Police.

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