WONA takes different approach to 16 days of activism against GBV

Wona is an arts collective which has come up with a creative way to participate in the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence by producing an EP titled ‘Pulika’ which consists of 4 songs for the 16 days of activism.

The EP includes the following artists: Nandi, Sangie, Eli Njuchi, KBG, Kupa, Praise Umali, Esther Lewis, Mazani, Miriam Nkosi, Nyago, Suffix, Luki and Kupa. The four songs are titled ‘Set me Free’, ‘Here for you’, ‘Worthy’ and ‘Pulika’.

Nandi explains that she agreed to be a part of the project because she feels that artists have a way of connecting with people through their art and creating something that speaks to people’s personal experiences and saying things that people are unable to say. The creation of this project creates an opportunity for people to have those difficult conversations because people can hear the song and talk about it and through that relay information of their own experiences. Some of the songs come from the viewpoint of people who have been victims of GBV themselves and the struggles that go through such as asking themselves if they speak out will they be heard however if they don’t speak out then how long will they watch the same thing happen to other people.