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'You are worthy of peace of mind' - Nellie's take on women's mental health

Women's mental Health Awareness Campaign 💚

"Nothing is more important than your Mental Health. Because we can’t physically see our brain, people tend to downplay the importance of it’s wellbeing. But, taking good care of your mind is just as important as taking good care of your body. In fact, they go hand in hand. You can not be healthy without the other. So show yourself grace, show yourself kindness, and reach out and ask for help, if that’s what you feel you need. You are worthy of peace of mind, and you are worthy of being supported. And most importantly, you are deserving of living a fulfilled life, regardless of what you may be feeling or what you may be going through.

Your mental health is a priority, your happiness and peace is essential, and your self-care is a necessity. Always remember that.

With the upmost love,

Nellie 💕"

👑Mphatso Nellie Kumsinda👑

• Instagram: neh.leee

#EndTheStigma #Youarenotalone

As you know, this month is Mental Health awareness month.

Around one in five women have a common mental health problem such as depression and anxiety. While there can be many reasons why these develop, some risk factors affect many women.

To commemorate this disease and show that those suffering from mental illness are not alone, we would love for you to be part of our #EndTheStigma campaign.

Please would you send us either a video/quote or a short story of your experience dealing with mental illness and how you overcame it. If you wish to stay anonymous, we will post your story without your name.

Please include these key words #EndTheStigma and #youAreNotAlone in your post. You can send us your content for this on Instagram or via

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