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You Can make it in Malawi

Growing up, I often used to hear of the phrase “You can never make it in Malawi”. You had to be born in a country where dreams are made of such as the United States and other First World Countries. Over the years, many Malawians have defied the odds and have made it whilst they are still in the country. If someone told me 10 years ago that we would be buying cosmetics owned and branded with Malawian names, I would have thought they are crazy.

Nyenyezi of ‘Beauty by Nyenyezi’ has furnished us with some beautiful lashes to accentuate our face beats. Doll Mable also gave us a taste of her famous gloss with her own range of make-up trading by the same name. Just when we thought we were done, Faith Kimu Maguru who trades by the name Nyakie, has set the bar really high and come up to par with her custom made gel polish branded ‘Nails by Nyakie’.

From a background of humble beginnings with Inuka by Nyakie, Nyakie cast the net wider to introduce her own gel polish brand. Often working from home to bring out a unique nail look, she has built a customer base that has surpassed many with her personal added touch.

Skip the order process, avoid the misfortunes of shipping and getting the wrong color and procure out of the world original and unique colors from our very own Malawian branded gel polish. From base coat, temperature change gel all the way to cat eye gel. Now that it is here, let us embrace it. Collaboration over competition.

This goes to show that with enthusiasm, focus, and hard work, you can actually make it in Malawi.

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