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You Have To See It

Malawian women are dominating both domestically and internationally, and it is incredibly satisfying to witness them succeed .I , for one prayed for a time like this where one could randomly name a female role model who is crushing it in whatever field without having to check the notes. Our little girls deserve to have these female role models they can look up to.

Who would have imagined that some of the best female football players to ever represent Africa on the international stage would be our own Malawian girls? Well, as Tabitha and her sister Temwa Chawinga are consistently showing us that anything is possible.

Who would have guessed that Malawian comedy would have a new face, and that it would be a woman? Nyauyu, a very talented comedian is thriving as she continues to bring something unique to the sector! Take Temwa, a gifted young musician who can transition between Amapiano, jazz, and afro pop with ease.

How can you ever say that women can't have it all when you have Hazel Mak ,Tuno (award winning artists) and Theresa Mphondo right in front of you ? Artists who are individually handling motherhood and music careers. Look at them providing us with the best music we could ever hope for? Reminding us that motherhood/parenthood is merely a stage, never an end in one’s career.

Girls benefit so much from seeing women succeed, overcome, and persuade their dreams on their terms without sacrificing their freedom or essential aspects of who they are. Cheers to the incredible women who, in pursuit of their own aspirations, light the way for us all.

When asked, what Malawian girls are known for? Tell them they are known for their creativity, hardworking spirit, tenacity, breaking barriers, and being whoever, they choose to be.

Here are the role models; all that remains is for parents, and guardians to make them known to our daughters. Seeing is believing!

P.s Hazel Mak has a new song out,Saka saka, you can check it out on Spotify and other streaming plafortms.

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