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Young Women In Business

A lot of things can happen in a year and a half, you can get your dream job, quit the job and start a successful business, all of that within a very short period of time! Sounds farfetched right? Maybe to you, but not for this one young woman, Tamara Chirwa. She took one bold step forward, and it led her into a new and fulfilling chapter. So how did she do it?

What made a fresh graduate quit her dream job?

Tamara had always wanted to study medicine, and if that didn’t happen she would study Veterinary Medicine, fate had other plans as she ended up studying Animal Science at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. After graduating in 2018, she went to look for jobs unfortunately, she couldn’t find one and resorted to volunteering at a Local Animal Clinic which later on employed her. For someone who has always liked pets from as long as she can remember, this was her dream job. However, after working for only a year and a half, she forced herself to quit the job due to other circumstances.

quitting my job made me realize that I never really liked being around sick animals and being a Veterinary would never have worked out for me

Starting a business

After being frustrated and tired with the state of being jobless and broke, she decided to start offering Mobile Pet Grooming Services in Lilongwe, Mara’s Pet Grooming Services. She says she largely has her employer to thank for inspiring her business idea. Her previous job experience and skills made her transition from employee to business owner very easy as she already knew the “what” and “how’s” of pet grooming and management. Her business idea did not j