Your period-tracking app could be sharing intimate details with all of Facebook. By Arwa Mahdawi

Women’s health apps are again raising concerns of privacy as a new study finds some are sharing information without consent.

Surveillance is a feminist issue

When was the last time you had sex?

For most of us, that isn’t information we’d like to share with just anybody. However, if you’re using a period-tracking app, there’s a decent chance Facebook knows all about your sex life. A new study from Privacy International, a UK-based charity, has found that some menstruation apps have been sharing their users’ intimate details with the social network – including the last time you had unprotected intercourse. These apps include Maya (more than 5m downloads) and Period Tracker MIA Fem: Ovulation Calculator (over 2m users.)

This isn’t the first time women’s health apps have raised serious privacy concerns. Earlier this year, fo